#SEIAD5 Remeasuring Planet Earth for the 5th time as a global community of land surveyors

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Survey Earth in a Day 4D
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@surveyearth Survey Earth in a Day 4D is scheduled for June 21st at Noon worldwide RSVP here: http://t.co/BgzTes2taB pic.twitter.com/YvVv2Y0bE9

— Land SurveyorsUnited (@LandSurveyorsU) March 8, 2015

Get Ready for 4 Dimensional Fun, Surveyors!

Survey Earth in a Day 4D

Where to Log Your Point June 21st

Log Point Survey Earth in a Day 4DOur process for gathering the data from thousands of points around the earth in a single day has changed a bit over the years. This year we are going to try something different. Instead of waiting until Survey Earth in a Day to release the magic button/form for data submission, this year we are going to roll it out early and allow you to test the system and become familiar with the form so that there are no surprises on June 21st (Father's Day). We want to make this as quick and simple as possible.

So, there will be much more on this subject over the next few weeks but we encourage you to try using the form as much as you like to help us test and work out the bugs. 

If you run into problems of any sort, please report them to Justin on Land Surveyors United.  Thank you for helping make this Survey Earth in a Day event the best it can possibly be.

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