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Only Survey Grade GPS Will Be Accepted

posted May 29, 2013, 3:00 PM by Jaybird Farrow
No Cellphone GPS Please
Just 23 Days until Survey Earth in a Day 2.0 so we should go over a few points regarding the requirements and types of GPS Data that will be accepted.

Cellphone GPS is only accurate to +/- 30 Meters. Survey grade GPS can be accurate to close to a centimeter or more. Therefore, only a professional land surveyor can improve the accuracy of web-based maps. Imagine how much land surveyors could change the state of web-mapping when we, as a community simultaneously measure the entire planet on the longest day of the year from thousands of locations around earth. We can show the public how truly important land surveyors are to society. Get Involved! It will only take 5-10 minutes of your time on June 21st at noon. 

Take a measurement at a known point, send in your RINEX data and let's redraw the world, together!

No Cellphone GPS Data Please

@ NOON: Simply take a GPS reading at Noon. This can be at your home, office or jobsite. The goal is to have as many points around the world from as many locations as possible.

All data submitted to Survey Earth in a Day should be in RINEX format. If we all use the same format, it will be easier to post-process the data.

LSU will soon begin Live Q&A sessions with video on the SEIAD Google + Community in preparation of the event.

This will all occur at 12 Noon in all locations across earth.